The organization has been created by considering the moral and ethical relationship of human being and man interaction with environment to nurture the horticulture science in order to solve the future of global food and nutritional insecurity and recycling environmental problems by empowering the next generation of eager young minds to commit to protect and improve the health of global environment, healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet with trans-disciplinary research. The organizational goals are mixture of both short term and long term goals. The odds of meeting them can be substantially improved by following set of organization principles as described here.

Organization will nurture dynamically continuous innovation: Innovation in sustainable horticulture and food production, minimizing the Postharvest loss of horticultural commodities, diet diversification, transferring and adoption of technology for sustainable lively hood of small and marginal farmers.

Bridging global knowledge of modern science to indigenous tradition knowledge: Remodelling indigenous and traditional knowledge in the area Horticulture, natural resource management and health for green energy and clean environment by using indigenous knowledge/peoples science/community knowledge. Modifying indigenous traditional knowledge for modern world for traditional medicine, scientific validation prior to sharing practices beyond the original context and location to provide assurance and safety including effectiveness.

Development of high self-sustaining city based food systems: Increasing the pressure on farmlands and its rising cost in the urbanization process, there is hardly any space to have a garden for fruits and vegetables and the vegetables grown in peri-urban contain high chemical residue due to sewage and heavy metals effluents in water used for irrigation. This is where terraces come into the picture to develop self-sustaining horticultural crops growing system to cater the needs of urban population.

Development of sustainable horticulture and food production methods and technologies: To improve efficiency of water and land use sustainable farming of high value crops year round in arid and coastal regions by sea water greenhouses, algal culture and bio-fuels to save fresh water habitats by limiting irrigation. Soil-less culture to reduce the future habitat degradation.

World wide data base for native plants: Organization promote to identify the native plants of therapeutic properties and codify, conceptualize, systematize, validate local knowledge of traditional medicine to combat outbreak of new diseases by remodelling the traditional & indigenous knowledge.

Research: Our venture aiming on four broad researches
Research on water for life
Research on extra-terrestrial horticulture in Venus, Mars and moon, Astro-biological horticulture.
Small business ideas for farm and home based entrepreneur in value addition of Post-Harvest Technology of horticultural crops
Promote intensified research on application of Maharishis Vedic Science and Technology in horticulture