PRAKRUTIK HORTICULTURE PLANET ® is an entrepreneurial venture with a vision to establish holistic science in horticulture and ecological restoration for sustainable livelihood for more authentic happiness with superior life style, health, nutrition, social enjoyment, and security, while healing our ravaged planet.


Because we are reliable

We are the people concern with human psyche and nature. We develop rigorous methodologies, interventions in world over to believe on ancient Vedic science which know exact point of death and which lack in modern science.


To redefine your brand

To develop the plant based and water based therapies for sustainable livelihood by using scientific research on Holistic ancient science and philosophical thoughts of our ancestors of different countries.


Make our customers happy

This organization has been created by considering the moral and ethical relationship of human being and man interaction with environment to nurture the horticulture science in order to solve the future of global food and nutritional insecurity and recycling environmental problems by empowering the next generation of eager young minds to commit to protect and improve the health of global environment, healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet with transdisciplinary research.

Our Brands